Welcome to Smart Business Cash Flow! by Kirsten Clark

Throughout my 25-year long career working with small businesses, I have worked with many long-time small business owners who assure me they have a thorough understanding of their business’ financial activity, but they just don’t have it written down. In fact, these business owners do know how much money they make and what their expenses are. But when I show them what a cash flow projection can do for them it opens their eyes.

My goal for Smart Business Cash Flow is to provide small business owners and bookkeepers information to understand what cash flow is and how to compile the information and use the report. I appreciate your comments and questions as I know they will be helpful for others who visit this site. Running a small business is not easy. You are  not always sure if you are making smart decisions. Many questions come up along the way and sometimes it's difficult to know where to turn for reliable answers regarding the unique issues faced by those who are responsible for the finances of a small business.

The internet has a wealth of information but sometimes you can’t find information that addresses the specific issue you are facing. Furthermore, when you do find relevant information, it can be difficult to know if that information comes from a credible source.  With regard to cash flows I want this to be a place where members of the small business community can come and post questions or offer up guidance for others .